Why? Relevant REWhy

RE is becoming an increasingly demanding syllabus in the National Curriculum. As a result of this, Unite has introduced 'Why?'; a set of two presentations designed to reinforce over 70% of the outcomes of the Key Stage 2 Christian Religious Education syllabus.

The presentations are ’Why? Christmas’ and ‘Why? Easter’ are for year 5 or 6 pupils and happen at the relevant times of year. Each presentation lasts approximately 90 minutes and include games, activities and an upfront multimedia presentation. Presentations are hosted in the local church building, enabling the pupils to encounter the curriculum through a visit to a place of worship.  The actual sessions are provided FREE to schools, with the host church covering the resource costs.  Current prices for sessions are as follows:

  • For a class of 30 pupils - £35 for a year
  • For two classes, or 60 pupils - £60 for a year
  • For four classes, or 120 pupils - £120 for a year
Each session is accompanied by an information pack, available for teachers to take away after the session enabling further subject development.  To investigate the possibility of hosting a school please email Graeme Baldwin For more information on Why? and other children's initiatives, click here.