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“Giving shelter to the homeless of Gravesham”

Where are you sleeping
Gravesend is one of the poorer towns in Kent that has a sizable community of people who are homeless. Many are malnourished and in need of medical help, but are unsure of who to turn to. Much of this goes unseen, but becomes apparent at night as uncovered by members of the Street Pastors and Foodbank teams. Although there are local government and charitable organisations seeking to address this problem, the reality is that some will remain homeless over this coming winter.
Sanctuary is an initiative of City Praise Centre and Gravesend Methodist Church supported and endorsed by Churches Together in Gravesham, that provides a range of services during the day and an overnight winter shelter, in Gravesend Methodist Church.

These services include:
  • Emergency clothing
  • Washing and cleaning facilities
  • A place to experience community
Where possible the our volunteers will provide practical assistance in linking the homeless with other charitable organisations that can help with accommodation; with Social Services to obtain benefits, where to get help in finding work; and inviting them to be part of a larger community.

To find out more and to see how you can help, visit the dedicated Sanctuary web site at: